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Comfort & engage
with your residents.

Real-time tracking of society activities. Listen to resident's every touch-point to improve comfort & security.Make your resident community living happy 😊

How it works

We help you understand how your residents feel at each stage of their living needs.



Discover exactly how your citizen feels in the moment. Use Mobile / Web applications to get customer feedback/survey at every touch-point.



Measure your team performance insight using your real-time Customer Happiness Score ® and track your progress over time.


3Complaints / Problem

Manage your citizen complaints & problem on the go, FretBox smart engine, will help you assign these based on availability and emergency.



Replace your visitor register with digital visitor book. Let your residents raise guest pass well in advance and inform them once the visitor walks in.
Publish list of regular visitors like newspaper/ Laundry/ Workers and let everyone know about their presence around on the day.



Send all important communication like Notice / News to residents and keep track of who read it.

Our live implementations in Pune - India

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Frequently asked Question

I want to know, My Customers are happy or not?

Customer happiness :)
With FretBox you can receive feedback and suggestion. Improve your service accordingly. Get healthy relationship with your customer. Increase your customer increase your revenue.

My employees are busy and lot customers are in queue?

Make yourself available
Use Fretbot (Chatbot) your digital assistant and provide instant support to your customer 24*7.

Stuck in prioritising complaints?

Balancing is an art
Get fretbox. This will help you to prioritise.Do the most important thing first

I want to give support in customer’s own language?

Multilingual communication
Fretbox is multilingual. Customer can use this with their own language.

My customers are complaining on various forums and social media. How to manage that all together?

Multichannel integration
Try fretbox get multichannel support. Receive complaints; inquire via Social Media, E-mail, S.M.S. and call.

I need more features with FretBox to enhance my business model. Will FretBox do that?

Your personal FretBox
100% yes. FretBox will be the way you want it to be. Discuss with our team.