fretbox general FAQs

General FAQs

Fretbox is a community management system. Complaint management, visitor management, Maintenance, Parking, Noticeboard, feedback, suggestions, emergency are some features of product.

App is available on google play store and app store.

There are no hidden charges.

No app is safe to install and use.


We have permission from society management. Police permission is not required to visit society.

General FAQs

Your data is safe with fretbox. We signed an agreement during installation which state we will not sale your data or share your data with 3rd party. For more details please check our privacy policy in website or follow this link FretBox Privacy Policy

We provide free training during installation. We also have app tutorial videos in different languages. After training guard can use fretbox properly.

Yes, We provide device if required. Device charge is applicable. Our sales executive will explain you about plan.

We have our own grievance management system. Customer satisfaction is on our priority we will resolve your issues within 72 Hrs.


We have onboarded 20 plus societies in pune.

fretbox Features FAQs
fretbox data & privavy FAQs

General FAQs

3 to 7 days.

Yes our executive have.

Our executive share price plan with society management.

We will provide free training 2 time during installation after this we will provide training with charges.

It’s prepaid rechargeable plan. Management can unsubscribed any time whenever they want.

Device if required. Additional charges applicable for device.

Product Related FAQs

Yes we have separate apps for management and residents. We also provide web app for reporting purpose.

Management admin user account will created by fretbox. Admin user can create other management team accounts. Login with admin follow admin>User>add user. Add user’s details and create account.

There is no limit. Admin can create multiple users.

No, Visitor management is security user task. So security user can manage all gate related activity.

No they can’t use app without activation from management.

Guard create gate pass for Visitors this gate pass go for the approval from Residents.Resident can approve or reject Visitors entry request.

It’s on guard decision. Guard can provide entry to tgis visitor.

Guard will not allow entry of this visitor.

No, resident can get notification only for those who working in their flat.

Resident can see the list of all regular visitors added from the management app. They can select their visitor and mark work with me.

Yes, they can change anytime and select others feom the list provided by management app.

Yes, management can ban the entry of suspected visitor.

Residents or management can add complaints by selecting department and subjects. Complaint registered to the selected department. Admin can assign team members for resolve the complaint. Admin can also change the status of the complaint based on progress. Admin can raise a complaint on behalf of others.

Some common departments and subjects already available in app. Admin can also add more department and subject from web app.

Yes when admin or management team mark complaint completed resident get a notification.

Yes resident can add clarification and feedback on complaint.

Yes he can.

We manage app features based on user role. Visitor’s entry/exit gate pass and other gate related activities can manage by security user.

No, the security user can manage only gate related activity.

Resident can sign up with fretbox resident app. Admin received a notification on sign up of resident. Admin can approve the verified residents.

Yes, admin can also add the residents.

Management can deactivate the resident’s account that is leaving society.


Yes resident get all the details filled from management app.

Yes admin can check all the details. Last 7 days details available in management app and all details are available in web app.

No need to sign up for web app. Admin can use same login credentials to sign in to the web app.

Yes, admin can deactivate team members, residents account.

Admin can add regular visitor based on their job role. Security user can manage entry/exit of regular visitor with single click. Residents will get notification on entry exit of visitor.

Yes it’s single click option available in management app. Admin an track entry exit of the residents.

Resident or management can press the emergency alarm available in both apps. Management user received emergency request and they will acknowledge with a single press.

Yes, activated residents can add their family member’s details.

Exit pass is a feature to provide exit to a visitor with item, gifts.

It’s guard fault we can not do anything on this.