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About Us



Customer service, and happiness score is the core of FretBox


FretBox synonyms for complaint box


FretBox care about each suggestion and feedback.


As Public Grievance Management & JanSeva, FretBox helped govt of Jharkhand & their ministers to manage and resolve 150k complaints from citizens for state. This was in association with local partner Baba Computers.


Fretbox is a mission to see happy , satisfied customers in SAAS services

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Our aim is of a customer/ resident centric approach, ease & accessible to all information.

Customer Happiness : FretBox is a mission to see happy customers in world. Well implemented into a SAAS product to improve customer satisfaction score of our customers. We make smart customized solutions in facilities & security management sphere, and assist clients meet their goals , by understanding their requirements.

Quality delivered : World class quality output is provided 24x7 with customer-centric focus. Fretbox team listens to our customers .We understand their needs to deliver best quality solutions.Our best-in-class technical team delivers amazing customer experience,every day.

Honesty & due diligence : All our contracts , agreements are verified, certified by trademark holders, service providers,software proprietors.We provide data protection, privacy agreements and conduct certified due-diligence of our processes, systems. About Fretbox Fretbox is a mission to see happy , satisfied customers in SAAS services.